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Parenting Plus provides comprehensive services for Parents and Families.

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Parenting coordination is a service designed to help parents manage their co-parenting conflicts so they can attend to their children’s needs in a timely and appropriate manner.  The Parenting Coordinator, known as a PC, is appointed by the court.  The basic responsibility of the PC is to assist the parents with the development, implementation and monitoring of parenting plans, always keeping the best interests of the children the top priority.  The primary goals of parenting coordination include reducing re-litigation rates when high conflict is present and providing assistance to children and parents in the divorce adjustment process.  Parenting Coordination is particularly useful for parents who have great difficulty making important mutual decisions about their children and are engaged in high conflict regarding such decisions.  Terry Eads is a qualified PC, having completed training at the University of South Florida Conflict Resolution Collaborative.

Parenting Coordination

Parenting children is the most difficult job we will ever have.  Each child is unique and special and presents unique and special opportunities and challenges.  Parenting Plus offers parent education pertaining to all age groups.  Learn to discipline your toddler or how to deal with the complexities of tweens and teens.  Specific education targeting the internet and social networks is also available.

Parent Education

Parenting Plus offers a full range of supervised parenting time options.  Being considerate of school and work schedules, parenting time can be facilitated around busy schedules, including evenings and weekends.  Therapeutic supervised parenting time is also available, should the Court order it.

Supervised Parenting Time

Parenting Plus offers counseling services to parents who are experiencing difficulty with the strains and demands of single and co-parenting.  This service can be voluntary or Court ordered.

Co-Parent Counseling

In cases of high conflict, it is sometimes in the best interest of the children for child exchanges to be supervised.  Parenting Plus offers this service when it has been Court ordered.

Therapy services for adults, children and families are available at Parenting Plus.  Terry Eads has experience in sexual abuse, domestic violence, relationship issues and more. 


Supervised Exchanges


Parenting Plus accepts most major insurances and private payment. 

Parenting Plus is also a contractor with the Indiana Department of Child Services.